What Does Teach Lambeth Do For Schools? 

Teach Lambeth is a not for profit partnership between the Lambeth Schools Partnership and Lambeth Council .

It is an association of leading head teachers from the Borough of Lambeth and is dedicated to improving schools and education in the Borough through better staff recruitment.

What are the Aims of Teach Lambeth

The Teach Lambeth website has two key aims:

1. To increase the number and quality of ECT joining Lambeth schools. Teach Lambeth provides a system to allow newly qualified teachers to join the Lambeth ECT Pool so that all applicants can be searched by all schools that have joined the Teach Lambeth site, thereby reducing recruitment costs and simplifying the recruitment process; and

2. To provide a comprehensive job board for all available education vacancies in all schools in Lambeth, including teachers, teaching assistants and all administration and support staff.

Additionally, Teach Lambeth has created a pool for Qualified Teachers that operates in the same way as the ECT Pool so that schools can search an available pool of qualified teachers who are looking for a position in Lambeth.

How to Register for a School Admin Teach Lambeth Account

Any individual wishing to search for education vacancies in Lambeth or to apply for the ECT Pool or QT Pool can create an account here.

However, all Teach Lambeth accounts for schools are set up by Teach Lambeth to ensure that only authorised school staff have access as an administrative user of the Teach Lambeth site. All administrative users have access to create and manage the job listings for their school and to access and use both the ECT Pool and QT Pool.

Only one administration account is available to each school so that all job listings for each school are in the same account.

If your school does not yet have a Teach Lambeth account, contact Dave Coram by email and we will set up the admin account for your school.

[email protected]

Following our receipt of your request we will verify your application and you will receive your school username and password by email. Once you have your account details you will be able to login, list and manage job vacancies and access the ECT and QT Pools.

As a school administrator, you will find (in the relevant area of the site) instruction videos on how to post vacancies, manage your school’s job dashboard and how to access the ECT Pool & QT Pool and manage your interaction with Pool applicants.

Additional Recruitment Marketing for your School Vacancies

Every vacancy listed on the Teach Lambeth site is given equal prominence on the Teach Lambeth Job Board once approved.

Teach Lambeth market their service and the site using digital marketing strategies so that all the Lambeth teacher vacancies and support jobs listed on the site are indexed by search engines and are posted on social media.

However, Teach Lambeth also retains the services of a digital marketing lead generation specialist so that your job listing can be promoted and marketed to your specific target audience for an additional fee.

This service is designed to place your job listing in front of the best potential applicants rather than just those who are actively searching for a new position so that your school and Lambeth can attract the very best teachers to work in the borough.

This additional recruitment marketing option is administered by Teach Lambeth, so you will need to discuss with us and pay for the advertising cost of the service in advance.

Direct all enquiries for this service to our email address in the first instance.

e: [email protected]

What are the Benefits and Why Teach Lambeth works for Schools

The cost of advertising a vacancy for a role in your school in Lambeth can easily escalate into five figures. The quality and number of applications from advertising on national and non-education specific websites can often be disappointing. National competition for the best staff and the failure of traditional education vacancy platforms to deliver the right staff to fill your roles can stretch budgets and patience to the limit.

Teach Lambeth has been designed to stop that and aims to achieve the following for all schools in Lambeth:

Recruit the best teachers, leaders, support and administrative staff.

Spend a fraction of your current recruitment budget as a member of Teach Lambeth.

Avoid repeat advertising at a national level saving time and money.

Benefit from demographic targeted advertising, run by Teach Lambeth, to ensure your vacancy gets seen by exactly the right candidates.

Access the widest possible pool of quality candidates including those who didn’t know they were looking – often the very best staff.

Simple to use application management within your Teach Lambeth account.

List your Lambeth school vacancy, manage applications and contact applicants all direct from this website.

Help attract and retain the best teaching and support talent in Lambeth.

Access and search the Teach Lambeth ECT pool of high quality newly qualified teachers looking to work in London.

Search a pool of qualified teachers who have pre-registered their search for a suitable role in London.

List your school in our Lambeth Schools directory.

Benefit from Teach Lambeth events bringing new teaching talent into the Borough.