Lambeth QT Pool

Qualified Teachers in Lambeth

Lambeth is a great place to be a teacher, perfect when you’re starting out as an ECT (check this page if that’s you), but it’s also a fantastic place for later in your career once you’re a qualified teacher.

Lambeth is a borough with a growing population and an ever-increasing demand for teachers; it’s also a borough with a youthful population and expanding school numbers so it’s a great place for regular exciting and challenging career prospects.

To put it another way, if you’re an ambitious teacher looking for rapid career development in a borough that leads the way on training and support, then Lambeth is a great choice.

In addition, Lambeth is working hard to retain teachers in the by continually improving the quality of the continuing professional development available to all teachers working in the borough and by making all aspects of a teaching career in this cosmopolitan area as attractive as possible.

If you’re a great teacher with drive and ambition who is committed to delivering first class education to your pupils then Lambeth wants you.

Lambeth wants to make it easy for you to move to work in the borough and will work hard to make sure that you enjoy working in the education service here and stay here to achieve your potential.

We have a well-established and comprehensive continuing professional development programme that will enable you to further develop your skills and confidence in the classroom. We also have extensive training programmes offered by our teaching schools for your ongoing career development.
You can find a lot of information about what makes Lambeth a great choice for your teaching career in the ‘Why Lambeth?’ section on this site.

That’s why Lambeth has taken the concept of the ‘pool’ that many teachers will know from applying for jobs as an ECT and applied it to qualified teachers.

We’ll explain that fully here, but, in essence, you can post your details to the Teach Lambeth site as a qualified teacher looking for a role in Lambeth and make them available to all the schools in the borough to search.

In other words, you can apply for jobs in Lambeth before they are advertised!

This is a groundbreaking idea that will allow teachers who want to be part of the Lambeth education success story raise their hand and tell all the schools in the area that they are looking to find a role in the borough.

Before we explain how the pool works, watch what some of Lambeth’s teachers and pupils have to say about what makes teaching in Lambeth so special in the video below:

Video - Lambeth Teachers - How we make a difference to the lives of our pupils

What is the Lambeth Qualified Teacher’s Pool?

Teach Lambeth want to make it easy for qualified teachers to find the right job for them at the right school in the borough of Lambeth.

For some time ECTs have applied for their first jobs through a pool system that is run by many local councils throughout the UK.

When approaching the end of teacher training you apply to a council or borough’s pool of ECTs and then all the schools in that area vet applications and make offers of interviews and then jobs to the candidates that most suit the roles they are looking to fill.

But, why not do that for qualified teachers?

That’s what Teach Lambeth thought too! So, recognising that, and seeking to simplify the process for qualified teachers who are looking to find their next role Teach Lambeth have developed a new and innovative type of QT pool.

It’s simple.

If you are a qualified teacher seeking to find a position in the Borough of Lambeth you can join the Lambeth QT pool at any time.

As long as you are eligible (i.e. you are a qualified teacher with a teacher reference number and are legally allowed to work as a teacher in the UK – essentially the same as the ECT eligibility requirements that we have set out here) and you complete the form as directed, then all applicants are added to the pool - there is no pre-screening process.

Every school in Lambeth will then have access to all the applicants who have joined the QT pool where they can view the details of all teachers looking for a role in Lambeth.

How the individual schools use this information in their recruitment process is up to them.

In many cases they will search the qualified teacher pool and invite the right candidates to make an application to a specific job through this site (and your membership of the QT pool will mean that you are already registered as a user of the site making that a little easier).

That approach from a school can be made directly through this site where the school can access your email and contact you directly when they have a job that they think is suitable for you.

The recruitment guidelines for many schools in the borough require them to have an open policy and that they must advertise all their roles, but by being in the qualified teacher pool, you are making yourself available for positions that you might never otherwise hear about and you’ll know before anyone else.

Being in the Lambeth QT pool gives you better access to all the qualified teacher positions in all the schools throughout the borough.

Teach Lambeth aim to make use of the QT pool a first port of call for all schools in Lambeth so that as teaching positions become available, Lambeth schools will consult the QT pool and ask the right candidates to apply for jobs at their schools.

The QT Pool is, of course, available to teachers who are already working in the borough of Lambeth as well as to any teacher anywhere in the UK (or overseas if eligible to work in the UK). If you are already teaching in Lambeth but looking to move to a new role at another school then you can make that known by joining the QT pool.

Please note that if you are already working in a Lambeth school and submit your full details to the Lambeth QT Pool (this is after Step 2, as explained below, signing up for information at Step 1 is private) then the fact that you are looking for a new role in a Lambeth school will be visible to the headteachers and admin staff in all schools in Lambeth who have access to the QT Pool and you should assume that this includes the staff at the school where you currently work and be advised accordingly.

If you wish to apply to our qualified teacher pool the application process is very simple. You can upload your details by completing a full QT Pool submission so that schools can look for applicants like you and then approach you directly through the pool and this site. You can also search and apply for posts and keep up to date with regular job alerts.

There are two stages to the QT Pool application. Firstly, you register your interest and will be sent a pdf of information and some follow-up emails as well as creating a Teach Lambeth profile and access to the full jobs dashboard and then, secondly, you submit a full application to the QT Pool.

Once you have completed the first step you have a profile on the Teach Lambeth website and access to your jobs dashboard where you can search for and apply for jobs using your profile, even before completing your full QT submission.

How and When to Apply to the Lambeth QT Pool

You can apply to the Lambeth QT pool at any time.

Obviously, schools can have appropriate vacancies at any time of the year although there is more job movement at the natural breaks at the end of terms and, in particular, at the end of the summer term.

The Lambeth QT Pool application process is very simple.

Step 1 :

Complete the form on the Join Lambeth QT Pool Page.

At this stage we just need your basic details to register your interest and create your Teach Lambeth account (and your registration is not visible to the Lambeth schools who have access to the QT pool at this stage).

Once you have registered, we will send you further information by email and then you can move on to Step 2. We have broken this down into two steps so that we can email you a guide about what information you will need to gather for when you complete Step 2 of the submission.

Step 2 :

Once you have any information you need you can start completing the online QT Pool application form.  Please note that all sections of this form must be completed before you can submit it to the online Lambeth QT pool.

You will also need to write a Personal Statement and upload that to accompany your application. Some Guidance Notes and advice about what to include in your personal statement can be found in the QT Information Pack that you will have received in Step 1.

Once you are happy with your application you may submit it to the Lambeth QT Pool.  Your application will then be reviewed and approved or rejected/returned to you for amendment. (Note that this is solely for eligibility and to check that all necessary information has been submitted. Your application to join the pool will be approved if you meet the eligibility requirements and have completed the application as required.)

Once your application is approved, it will be visible to all Lambeth schools who will then be able to invite you to apply for any available qualified teacher positions as they become available. In most circumstances they will communicate with you through your Teach Lambeth profile in the first instance.

If you are successful in gaining a position outside Lambeth or no longer wish to be a part of the Lambeth QT pool please either delete your Teach Lambeth profile or let us know so that we can do so in order that school leaders are not wasting your time or theirs by asking you to apply for positions if you are already employed.