Lambeth Support Staff

The Teach Lambeth website and job board is for all those looking for jobs in Lambeth schools – teaching or otherwise.

This means you can register on this site and set up job alerts for administrative and support vacancies, as a teacher would for teaching positions.

Lambeth is committed to building and maintaining a first-class workforce in its schools; this means that you matter – without excellent support staff, the teaching standards in schools cannot begin to improve.

If you’re not already living or working in Lambeth, check out the information elsewhere on this site about the borough – it’s written with teachers in mind, but it’s still going to be relevant to you.

If you’re looking to begin your search for a rewarding job, as part of the support team in one of our schools, then you’re in the right place.

The roles described below are just some of the school support staff jobs you'll find listed on this site as they become available.

School Business Managers
School business managers (SBMs) are the leading business professionals within schools and often form part of the senior leadership team (SLT).

SBMs provide strategic leadership for all non-curriculum aspects of the school and work alongside headteachers in their duties to ensure that schools meet their educational aims.

SBMs are accountable for the delivery of schools’ business management functions, including:

  • financial planning
  • financial resource management
  • administration management
  • management information and ICT
  • Human Resources management
  • facility and property management
  • health and safety, and
  • business development and marketing

Bursars (may be called Finance Officers or Finance Managers)
Bursars play a crucial role in managing schools’ financial resources and contracts. They focus on providing expert managerial, administrative and financial services to support schools and their leadership teams.

School Administration Staff (may be called Officer Administrator, Administration Assistant, Receptionist, Secretary, Office Manager or Personal Assistant)
School administrators play an important role in supporting the teaching and learning within schools. They are the first point of contact for parents and visitors, and contribute to effective communication with stakeholders.

School administrators perform a wide range of office support duties, including:

  • dealing with admissions
  • attendance
  • cash handling
  • data entry
  • reception duties
  • diary management, and
  • correspondence

There are a variety of roles within the administration function of different schools, depending on the staffing structure of each setting.

Teaching Assistants
Teaching Assistants support children with their learning and act as additional adults in the classroom to enable pupils to be independent learners.

They work closely with teachers to support lesson plans, through marking and feedback of pupils’ work and assessing the children within the lesson.

This role involves working with children and helping them with their education and wellbeing - it requires good literacy and numeracy skills, and usually some experience of working with children.

There are NVQ training programmes and apprenticeship schemes available for Teaching Assistants.

Premises Staff
Premises staff ensure that school environments are safe and secure, and provide a positive learning environment for students. 

Premise managers/caretakers are responsible for the maintenance of school sites, ensuring health and safety compliance and asset management planning.

Cleaning staff work either on their own or in a team, ensuring that the school premises are kept clean and hygienic.