Our Schools

Performance in London has increased rapidly over recent years and Lambeth is no exception.  We are recognised as one of the highest performing local authorities in London and our schools perform consistently well in comparison to national averages.  

In addition to this, 90% of our primary and secondary schools are rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

There are 89 schools in Lambeth:

  • Eighty-three mainstream schools (five nursery, 60 primary, sixteen secondary and two all-through schools)
  • Six special schools (one primary, three secondary, one all-through and one catering for the 9-18 age range)\

  • Around 25% of schools in Lambeth are Academies or Free Schools
  • Around 25% of schools in Lambeth are faith-based schools

We are very proud of our achievements and our commitment to working together; in Lambeth, we have a unique history of collaboration.

Over 90% of our schools have joined the Lambeth Schools Partnership - the Partnership was formed in 2016 with a focus on schools working together to achieve the best educational outcomes for the children and young people in our borough.
This is great news for staff at all levels as there is a strong sense of co-operation and participation throughout Lambeth, where other boroughs have become fragmented.

In addition to this, over recent years our schools have benefitted from a huge range of investment in school buildings - our schools offer
state-of-the-art IT, sporting and creative facilities to ensure our children and staff are able to work successfully within the demands of the curriculum.