Archbishop Sumner CE Primary

Reedworth Street, London SE11 4PH


Archbishop Sumner is a Church of England Nursery and Primary school. The school is very closely linked with the Parish of North Lambeth.

We try to create an atmosphere of a Christian family, encouraging children to grow in the love of God, and in their care and understanding of each other and the wider community.

Many years ago when Archbishop Desmond Tutu came to open the courtyard garden, a visitor wrote to the school saying “The Archbishop was right; you have created a garden of delight, a place of flourishing life and sheer exuberance.”

We hope our school will always continue to grow as we constantly seek to improve and find new and better ways to develop and enrich our children’s lives.

Our curriculum is designed to engage all pupils and takes into account their abilities, interests and cultures. We are aspirational for all our pupils and we are determined to nurture their potential through inclusive and challenging learning experiences.

Sequential learning features across the curriculum areas and questioning, creativity, reflection and problem-solving support the acquisition of our pupils’ skills and retention of knowledge.

Our core values of “Achieve, Believe and Serve” tie in with our identity and the shortened name of the school “ABS”, and are embedded in our curriculum and collective worship.

Number of Pupils: 406
Ages: 3 - 11 years
Gender: Mixed
Type of School: Voluntary Aided

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