London Nautical School

Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NA


Nautical ethos of mutual respect, hard work, self-discipline and care for others leading to learning to become a self-disciplined leader

Achievement: learn and achieve beyond my expectations within an internationally-enriched and expansive curriculum, using world-class technology, with people who care

Understanding of me as an individual: staff who know me by name and help make my experience of school rich and happy

Teaching that inspires me, that challenges me, that gives me a lifelong love of learning

Interact with our local community and develop strong partnerships between it, school and home.

Care and value my education and to be challenged, engaged and excited about learning

Aspire to make a difference through our academic, moral and social formation

Learn and prepare for life beyond school and learn to respect the world around us displaying tolerance and an open attitude of mind

At the London Nautical School we are dedicated to providing an environment and education that helps all pupils achieve their full potential; this hasn’t changed since we were founded over 100 years ago.  It is a place where doing your best at all times matters in the classroom and out of the classroom. Taking pride in who you are, how you dress, your attendance and punctuality and also good manners, serving the community, consideration for others and respect for learning are prized most highly.

Boys at London Nuatical School continue to experience an education that develops all aspects of their person and encourages them to live out our core values in their daily lives. Our nautical ethos underpins all that we do and enables our boys to not only to be successful in their studies but also provides the platform, to grow personally, develop morally and socially, enhance their sporting talents and to further their artistic gifts.

London Nautical School is a thriving, vibrant and caring learning community within which pupils are stretched intellectually and which fosters a love of learning, whilst feeling valued, happy and safe. Expectations of all pupils are high and our school has a reputation for being a happy, friendly, stimulating and caring environment in which everyone is given the opportunity and support to complete their studies successfully and to reach their full potential.

Number of Pupils: 650
Ages: 11 - 18 years
Gender: Boys
Type of School: Foundation

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