Promising New Teachers in Lambeth – Awards and Opportunity

When you start your career as a teacher you’re likely to be looking for several critical things in your first job.

A school in an area where you want to live, a great teaching environment, a supportive head and staff and a chance to really put what you’ve learnt into practice.

Just think about it.

When you know you’ve got all that covered, you’ll go into that first year confident that your experience as an NQT is going to be great.

And, you’ll know that you’re going to be delivering what you set out to do - real impact with the children you’re there to teach.

The Lambeth Schools Partnership (the ‘LSP’) exists to provide that level of support to all teachers in the borough of Lambeth so that they know they can do their job properly and that they will always have the opportunity for career development through continuing teacher training support.

The LSP is especially involved in providing the NQT support in Lambeth.

One new aspect of this is the Promising New Teacher’s Award, which has just been awarded for the first time.

Promising New Teacher Award

The Lambeth Schools Partnership set up the Promising New Teacher Award as a way to recognise and develop the potential of three recently qualified teachers who have shown excellence in their work with pupils.

The award was developed in memory of two young Lambeth teachers, Milly and Toby Savill, who died after a tragic accident in 2019. In their short careers they had shown enormous promise and their families felt this was one way to recognise what teaching had meant to them.

The three winning teachers’ schools are awarded £2000 each, to be spent on a project focused on the underachievement of a particular group of pupils in Lambeth. This will enable the winners to develop and roll out an innovative and impactful project.

Schools throughout the borough were asked to submit nominations.

This allowed all schools in Lambeth to look to their newer teaching staff and highlight particular successes;

  • teachers who had shown commitment to their pupils
  • teachers who promoted educational equality
  • teachers whose passion for their subject ignited interest in their pupils
  • teachers making an impact across their school as well as in their classroom

The Award Winners

The LSP were thrilled with the response to this initiative and the quality of the nominations submitted.

The winners of the Promising New Teachers Award for their first year in 2021are Kimberley Stewart, Tarik Falali and Anna Stringer 

In a virtual ceremony the awards were presented to the winners. The LSP felt that the ceremony provided an opportunity to see how proud the headteachers are of their staff.  

The LSP was very encouraged to see schools and headteachers taking the time to put forward nominations and recognising how empowering a nomination and award could be for the teachers involved.

Deciding on the winners proved a very tough decision for the judging panel. The quality of submissions from schools outlined the incredibly high standard of education that these professionals are bringing to schools in Lambeth and how teachers in the early part of their careers can bring outstanding contributions to a school and the pupils.

Although the intention of the inaugural award was to choose two winners, in the end rather than two winners, the panel chose three!

Kimberley Stewart, Tarik Falali and Anna Stringer were presented with a trophy and a certificate at the LSP’s Working Together event for Headteachers. 

The parents of Milly and Toby attended the presentation and spoke movingly about their commitment to teaching, their passion for learning and helping children to achieve their very best.

The panel had the following to say about each of the winners.

Kimberley Stewart - St. Mark's Church of England Primary School

"Kim is an asset to the St. Mark’s team through her enthusiasm, positivity and passion for teaching and learning.

She transitioned smoothly into Early Years; proving to be an excellent learner.

She has taken on board advice and feedback from professionals and colleagues, researched and sought out opportunities to develop her understanding of the Early Years curriculum."

Tarik Falali - Trinity Academy

"Tarik’s commitment to his pupils is based on his strong sense of educational equality and endlessly positive demeanour.

He works tirelessly at bridging the cultural capital gap many of our pupils experience, which could alienate them from many of the poems and literature on our knowledge-rich curriculum.

Through his dedication to planning, Tarik fosters a ‘can do’ attitude within the pupils and challenges them to develop their scholarly ways."

Anna Stringer - Glenbrook Primary School

"Anna had an outstanding NQT year, quickly establishing excellent relationships with pupils, parents and staff.

She has created an ethos of reading and writing for pleasure in her classroom with children making rapid progress from all starting points. 

She submitted her children’s writing for the Young Writers’ Awards and the class are having their mini sagas published as a result!"

The LSP extended their gratitude and congratulations to all winning and nominated teachers for their ongoing energy, skills and positive attitude that they provide for the pupils, families and the community of Lambeth.

The LSP would like to recognise all the teachers nominated this year by providing them with a certificate of nomination which has been sent to the following teachers:

Helena Scanlon - Evelyn Grace Academy

Nerrissa Davis - Vauxhall Primary School

Alexander Mee - Kingswood Primary School

Agnes Yeboah - Evelyn Grace Academy

Ayaan Mohamed - La Retraite Roman Catholic School

Rashidat Lawar - Henry Fawcett Primary School

Lauren Brockwell - St Mark's Primary School 

Anne-Marie Spring - St. Andrew's CE Primary School

Just One of the Opportunities for NQT’s and ECT’s in Lambeth

The LSP provides a whole host of services to teachers in Lambeth - both those arriving as NQT’s or ECT’s under the new training system, but also to qualified teachers throughout their careers.

These Promising New Teacher Awards are just one examp-le of the supportive and encouraging environment that the LSP works hard to deliver for all teachers in Lambeth.

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