Maytree Nursery School and Children’s Centre

4 Allingham Road, London SW4 8EG


Maytree is a small local authority maintained nursery school, situated in the Clapham Park Estate. We offer places for children who are 2, 3 and 4 years old during the hours 8:00am to 5.45pm; with breakfast, after school and holiday provision. We are specialists in early education and development for children from birth to 5 years old, working in collaboration with parents and other professionals. Maytree is one school in a federation of five with Effra, Ethelred, Holmewood and Triangle Nursery Schools.  Maytree has a Children’s Centre which is a wonderful resource for parents/carers and their children from pre-birth right through to primary school.

We offer high quality inclusive education for around 100 children, through exciting learning opportunities for young children with highly qualified, experienced and caring staff – teachers, early years educators and teaching assistants. Children who are 2, 3 and 4 years old play together across the setting. This ensures that there are role models for our youngest and newest children. We have a separate space for 20 younger 2 year olds.

Each child is allocated a Key Person, one of our highly skilled early years educators or teachers. This person builds a close relationship with the children and their family, and supports them throughout their  time at Maytree. They get to know the children very well, and ensure that the next steps in each child’s development are planned for throughout the setting and across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is done with the whole team working collaboratively every day to observe and then develop the children’s interests while supporting their progress.

Maytree is an open-plan, small nursery school; there are four inside areas and linked gardens which have a separate vegetable, Forest School and pond area. Additional support is provided for children who are learning English in addition to another language. Children who have special educational needs and disabilities are welcomed and very well supported by a highly skilled team of teaching assistants, led by the SENCo.

To ensure the best opportunities for all children we work very closely with parents, other professionals and organisations who support families with young children, for example health visitors, speech and language therapists, music therapists, educational psychologist, training organisations and charities such as Clapham Relief Fund and Foodbank.


Number of Pupils: 70
Ages: 2 - 4 years
Gender: Mixed
Type of School: Maintained School

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