Woodmansterne School

Stockport Road, London, SW16 5XE


Woodmansterne is more than just a school, it is a community with a united desire to achieve great things and bring the best out of the children it serves. If you are looking for a school that only measures success by test results and performance tables, Woodmansterne is not the school for you. We believe our responsibility, to our children and community, goes beyond this. Our ethos is centered on instilling our core values and developing characteristics that inspire every single one of our children to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. We believe that by doing this, happiness and success will naturally follow. Good results are an expectation, our bread and butter, not our raison d’être. 

Woodmansterne’s journey from a small outstanding primary to a large all-though school means that change is inevitable: new pupils, new staff, new families, new buildings, new contractors, new classrooms, new curricula. We are nothing if not brave, resilient and optimistic; our glass is always half full and our pupils, staff and governors embrace the opportunities that each day, each change and each challenge provides.  Our curriculum is creative, challenging and provides plenty of opportunities to explore learning beyond the classroom. We recognise and value the importance of the arts and sport; not just in complimenting the traditional academic subjects but in providing our pupils with a healthy balance which supports their well-being. Through a rich curriculum and a shared moral purpose, we develop our pupils’ self-belief, individuality and ambition. It was the pioneering pupils of Woodmansterne secondary phase who declared they wanted the school to be specialist in every area of the curriculum. So that should they desire to be a scientist, lawyer, actor or artist we would have the right curriculum and staff to support them.  

The Woodmansterne way is the realisation of our vision and values in daily life. Grounded in our six core values of integrity, cooperation, aspiration, respect, unity and responsibility; it is at the heart of everything we do, our way of being, our approach to life and learning. Our staff and pupils embody these values every day. It is played out in our daily routines, our assemblies, our learning, our actions and interactions and our expectations of ourselves and each other. If you visit, ask our pupils about our values, they are fiercely proud of their school’s ethos and reputation as a socially responsible, kind and inclusive community.  We do not select our pupils on their prior attainment; whatever a child’s starting point we aim to support them on their journey to success, in whatever form that may take. As our school grows, so too does the identity and legacy of our pupils.

Number of Pupils: 915
Ages: 3 - 18 years
Gender: Mixed
Type of School: Community

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