Why Become A Teacher? 25 Compelling Reasons

Teaching is a uniquely satisfying, challenging and rewarding career similar to very few other professions.

We have the opportunity to help our students become the best versions of themselves.

In every lesson, we interact with them, supply knowledge and offer them the chance to expand their minds.

There are few careers like teaching, and below you’ll find our most compelling reasons to join this worthy profession.

1. Teaching is fun

The rain could be pouring down outside, but you will be worlds away as soon as you step foot in the classroom.

Once you settle down with your class, all your personal troubles seem to melt away, and it’s game on time.

It’s just you and your group of students ready for you to nurture their critical, curious and courageous minds through your latest engaging lesson for the day. 

2. Teaching is a stable career

Excellent job security and a wide range of vacancies make right now the perfect time to consider becoming a teacher.

The shortage of teachers across the country means almost anyone who is a fully qualified teacher will find a position.  

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about recessions or downturns in the economy, as teachers will always be in demand.

Therefore, teaching could be the perfect profession for you if you are worried about job security. 

3. Teachers are in demand

The world needs more teachers - and always will.

Furthermore, nurseries, schools and universities, the length and breadth of the nation, are always looking for talented, determined and professional teachers.  

Excellent job security, and a rewarding and challenging career, with fabulous perks, all make for great reasons to become a teacher.

In addition, with rising population growth worldwide, teachers are in high demand in numerous countries should you wish to try your hand at teaching abroad. 

4. Teaching offers very attractive salaries

You'll be offered a generous financial package when you start as an Early Careers Teacher a newly qualified teacher.

Plus, there are additional sums available for teaching in certain areas. Then once you’re fully registered, your salary will rise incrementally over the next five years.

After that, you can look forward to more increases in your salary if you are offered a department head position or head teacher.  

5. Teaching gives you the chance to develop lifelong friendships

Countless teachers have the opportunities to build rewarding friendships through the people they meet through teaching.

These friendships could develop with other teachers, staff, parents, or even your own students. In addition, there are also chances to establish friendships in the community through the fundraising and charity events schools often organise.

Make no mistake, if you put in a little effort, you’ll have plenty of friends as a teacher. 

6. Teachers can help students find lifelong friendships

Many children can make friends easily. However, this is not always the case. As their teacher, you can help those struggling to form relationships with their classmates.

Also, you have the important and rewarding role of helping your students understand what real friendships are and help guide them in making true lifelong friendships.

In addition, if students fall out, you have the opportunity to teach the power of forgiveness. 

7. Teaching is rewarding

Few careers can match the feelings of jubilation when you help your students have their ‘light bulb’ moments.

Sometimes one of your students could have been struggling for months or even years with a particular issue. Then through your guidance, you help them solve that particular ‘riddle in their understanding’.

That’s when the magic happens, and you realise you made the right decision to become a teacher. 

8. Teaching allows you to share your passion for knowledge

Many teachers never lose the intense desire for learning, and there aren’t many careers that give you the chance to develop your knowledge and understanding in a variety of subject fields.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to share your passion for learning every time you step foot in the classroom. 

9. Teaching gives you the chance to work with kids

Teaching children is ever so rewarding. It reminds you of how unique and exciting the world can be.

You also have the chance to choose your preferred age group, so it could be the cuteness of the toddlers all the way up to young adults at university.

Take your pick. Teaching children also encourages you to use your imagination and find creative ways to present topics. This can give you a vast amount of job satisfaction.

Teachers take on various roles and responsibilities when they walk into the classroom, and this is what makes teaching so fantastic. Quite possibly the best job out there.

10. Teaching is learning

There are no better ways to become an expert in a particular field than by teaching it. It can be said that there is no better mark of your understanding of a given subject than when you teach it.

Your students will ask all sorts of questions, sometimes taking wildly different angles than you anticipated.

This encourages you to dig deeper and develop a more robust understanding of the points raised and your subject. 

11. Teaching is always evolving

Teaching can never be said to be a stagnant profession. Everything is constantly changing, evolving, and developing.

All teachers can learn new techniques to engage with their students and create new strategies and activities that help students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Just as the world is forever changing, so is the teaching profession.

You’ll get new students every term, new textbooks arrive, and new technologies enter the classroom to make your life easier.  

It’s exciting to know there will always be new things to learn just around the corner. 

Teaching could be perfect for you if you’re looking for a fast-paced career that is forever evolving.

12. Teachers inspire the next generation

We might not all have the opportunity to teach the next Nobel Prize winner, but teaching allows us to be a mentor and role model for all our students.

In addition, there can’t be many professions that give you the chance to shape and develop the minds of future leaders in our communities, businesses and even country.

Influencing and inspiring the next generation of learners is a terrific reason to become a teacher.

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13. Teaching gives you access to the world’s job market

You might start your teaching career in London, Leeds or Lancashire, but that doesn’t mean you are fixed to your initial location.

As an experienced, qualified teacher, the world is your oyster. There are options everywhere, stretching as far as Vancouver or down to Sydney.

Teaching in another country might not be on your radar right now, but the opportunity is always there should you wish to take it.

14. Teaching allows you to focus on your passion 

Whatever your interests, whether it's words, numbers, geography, or history, teaching allows you to embrace your passion by sharing your subject matter with young minds eager to learn new things.

There aren’t many people who can say they are able to use their love for a subject and share it with their students every day.  

This, in its own right, makes teaching a desirable choice for many graduates. 

15. Teaching gives you the chance to perfect your skills

One of the fabulous things about teaching is you often have the opportunity to perfect your skills on the same day or through the same term.

Depending on your timetable program, there are often opportunities to teach the same lesson or course to a different set of students.

This gives you the rare chance to improve your delivery of the material the second time around. 

16. Teaching gives you a chance to mould great citizens

Teaching is not just about helping your students pass exams. After all, your students are human beings facing numerous challenges in an ever-changing world.

You know one of your roles is to be a fantastic role model. Many students leave school wishing to follow in the footsteps of great teachers.

That in itself is a fabulous feat to aim for with every group of students you have. 

17. Teaching is diverse

Teaching gives you a massive range of options through the students you choose to teach.

While some teachers choose to share their days with the cutest, cuddliest toddlers, others might feel they can make the most significant impact by helping to develop the minds and personalities of young teenagers.

And others might choose to teach university students. Whichever age group you choose, there will be a class of students to match your personality and preference.

18. Teaching is never stagnant

Most university graduates cringe at the thought of having to do the same thing, day in and day out throughout their careers.

Thankfully, that is never the case with teaching, as no two days are ever the same. Life never feels monotonous, even if you teach the same course or program for several years.

You always have different faces and personalities in front of you. Plus, you always have the chance to hone your creativity and craft by delivering your teaching in more effective ways to keep your classroom lively and your students engaged.

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19. Teaching blends tradition and innovation

While teaching has been around for generations, modern technology and innovation are never very far from the classroom.

When you become a teacher, you enter an age-old profession that values tradition but is also passionate about innovation.

Through your teaching, you’ll develop the expertise to use your knowledge of your subject with your peers to inspire your students.

This gives you the privilege of creating lessons that blend traditional approaches to learning with the very latest.

Hence, you stay on top of current best practices to benefit your students’ well-being.

20. Teachers help learners reach their full potential

Can you remember your favourite primary or secondary school teacher and the impact they had on your learning and life?

Perhaps they are the reason you are now considering becoming a teacher. In every lesson you teach, you can guide your students towards achieving their goals and being an important role model in their lives.

Some of your students might not have someone to look up to, so you can be their shining light, their mentor to help them develop the skills they’ll need after their education. 

21. Teachers help develop better communities

Central to every neighbourhood are the schools within it. Therefore, most teachers have the opportunity to help make their local community one of peace, harmony and inclusion.

This can be done every year as there are many chances to strengthen the bonds between your school and community and give a little back through fundraising and charity events to giving up some of our free time through volunteer work. 

22. Teaching develops sought-after skills

When we enter the teaching profession, we never know how long we will stay. Should one day you decide to try your hand at another career, then the skills you learned while training to become a teacher, and developed in the classroom, are highly sought-after.

It is comforting to know that if we ever decide to leave teaching, our skills are highly valued.

The excellent communication and leadership skills, as well as the critical thinking and problem-solving skills developed as a teacher, are relevant and respected by employers in various job sectors. 

23. Teaching is a real vocation

Far too many people become trapped in a job where they are working to live. This can cause enormous strains on their mental health and overall well-being.

However, teaching is more like being a doctor or a vet, without the long hours. This provides a real vocation in life and job satisfaction very few professions can match. 

24. Teachers have a great social life

Of course, teachers are not on the job all day. We all get time off.

And often, a great way to unwind and relax is over a few drinks with colleagues, be it talking shop, planning a trip or simply watching a game together down at your local.

In addition, as we all have pretty much the same schedules, taking a weekend break with colleagues is always a huge plus and highlight of the year as a teacher.

25. Teachers have decent holidays

Having long holidays is probably not your main reason for becoming a teacher, but there’s no denying the fact that teachers have very welcome holidays.

Certain careers offer very few holidays and always seem on the go. Thankfully, teaching is not like that, as we enjoy a break at all the traditional points throughout the year.

This is even better when you have kids of your own, so your holidays are perfectly in sync, and you can spend quality time with your family.

Final thoughts on becoming a teacher

Teachers are the future, and it is our responsibility to help develop and enrich the minds of our students so they can be the best citizens possible.

Undoubtedly, teaching plays an exciting and vital role in our society. Sure, there are times when our chosen career can feel overwhelming.

However, the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks.

If you’re considering becoming a teacher, there isn’t a better time to finish your degree and become a new teacher.

There are plenty of job opportunities in a wide variety of subject areas. The profession is waiting for you if you feel you have what it takes to become a teacher and make a significant and lasting contribution to society.

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